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The balloon animals/things that I made during tonight’s show! Always super fun!

Oh and we played with “B’loonies” with mixed results!

Tonight I’m doing a special cooking show on MFC where I’ll be making fancy ramen from scratch (à la the movie “Tampopo”, one of my favorites, but with some differences). 

Since the broth has to simmer for so long, I couldn’t start it during my show, but there’ll still be plenty to do live! Here is the process of broth making, so you get to see what the beginning broth process looks like!

I’ve been following THIS recipe but am using beef and will be making my own noodles from scratch.

-Frozen beef neck bones


-Parboiled and drained

-Onions, garlic, and ginger

-All in the pot, add konbu (a type of seaweed) and salt

-Add chicken wings (cut 1-2 times)

-Simmer! (About 7 hours )


#this comic went places

NOT what I expected. I’m cackling over here. Had to share it with you! :D

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Tonight I’m going to be doing some body painting, which is always fun! 

But I’m ALSO doing an awesome new thing! My two top tippers of the night will win a glass bowl that is hand painted by me (with a theme/design chosen by them), then lovingly wrapped up safely by professionals and mailed to them! 

So tonight is a fun art night and a rare chance to win something in the mail from me! Hooray!

I’m online now HERE!

I hope these posts don’t sound spammy, I’d love to see you guys and get to hang out and have a good time! I just like letting everyone know what’s up! :)



Beautiful video to be released tomorrow by misslucygoose and I. 

You can watch this now!

Oh god. Oh sweet jesus. Omg.

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Today a big exciting thing is happening! I’m going to doing my first “Cam-A-Thon” which means I’ll be on for an EXTRA long time today! My plan today is to do a daytime show all day and into the evening (planning to end about 9pm Eastern). 

It’s going to be an awesome, laid back, super fun time with varied activities and switching rooms and outfits ALL DAY! We’re starting with a relaxing time in bed with me in a nightie!

This is a big deal for me and it would be so great to see you guys, let’s hang out today!

You can visit me live by clicking HERE!! 

These are from my last Bodysigns show!! Next one is TONIGHT, don’t miss it!



It’s been a long time since I’ve touched girl butt so I do believe we need a brand new visitor. I’ve been talking about it for weeks but now the fundraiser is finally here! We’re getting Sprinkles27_ here and I’m gonna nom her face! And probably other parts as well.

Anyone that contributes will be the proud owner of some of the content we make together. The more you contribute the more goodies you get! When we make goal EVERYONE that contributed will get a video of our much alluded to, bouncy ball cock race!

To contribute please send a giftrocket gift card to nomnomsprinkles26@gmail.com and provide an email address that we can contact you back at to send you your goodies!

Some very sexy friends of mine would like to grope each other! :D

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A flower for Hapa

A poodle for Tim

A parrot for Hapa

A teddy bear for Hapa (Nick Furry, the grizzled and battered former soldier who has seen too much pain and hardship and limb loss.)

A ladybug for Hapa


A tiger for Caramanic. RIP tiger. :’(