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Today’s shower was very fun, I always enjoy all of the suds!

It’s been over a year since we’ve done this, it was SO fun last time, let’s do it again!

Girl Scout theme show tonight, DON’T MISS IT! Join in by clicking HERE to get to my MFC life show!

Help me earn badges and earn badges yourself!

Challenges for me:

Birthday Suit Badge

Shirt Off 300

Bra Off 300

Panties Off 300

Balloon Badge

Bounce balloon w/out touching ground 30 times 200

Make a balloon animal 200

Balance balloon on head/nose for 30 seconds 200

Spank Badge

Spank Novice  (20)                 100

Spank Apprentice (50)            200

Spank Master (100)                300

Spank Legend (150)              400

Fitness and Coordination Badge

15 Jumping Jacks 100

Touch Toes 100

Pat Head and Rub Belly 100

Art Badge

Draw Something with Eyes Closed (If you can guess what it is, I win!) 100

Draw Picture Request in 1 minute or Less (Quick Draw!) 100

Draw Picture on my Ass 100

Sexy Badge

Put condom on banana/toy using mouth 300

1 minute toy BJ 300

Put Lipstick on with boobs 100

GROUP ONLY: Orgasm in under 5 minutes 400

Challenges for YOU:

-Top Tipper

-Participation in a Yellow Wall

-Help Kaylee Get Badges

-One badge if you help with ANY badges

-Badge for each one you help with

-Doctor Who Lightning Round

A for Effort for one or more

Clever Boy/Girl Badge for all of them

I will ask 5 Doctor Who trivia questions, anyone to get it right gets the badge!

-BONUS Doctor Who Question

-If you get ANY badge you get a photoset from my profile!

-If you get 3 or more you get this month’s NEW photoset (out soon)!

-If you get 5 or more you get this month’s NEW VIDEO (out soon)!

-Top Tipper badge gets all prizes PLUS a fansign!

Here is a list of all of the content (videos and photosets) that I have available for sale along with their prices! Will update and repost as content and prices change! ^.^

You can purchase ANY of these things by clicking HERE, tipping the appropriate amount and putting the name of what you’d like in the tip note!

Available Content:


First Photoset: Sweet Striptease                                              100 tokens

Amy Pond Doctor Who Cosplay                                               100 tokens

Girl Scout in the Woods (HD)                                                   150 tokens

Behind the Scenes with Kaylee and Lolli                                  150 tokens


Relaxed Morning Masturbation (HD)                                        300 tokens

Close-Up Toy Blow Job (HD)                                                    150 tokens

Girl Scout in the Woods Masturbation (HD)                             200 tokens

Vintage Lingerie Masturbation                                                 200 tokens

Kaylee Frye Firefly Cosplay Strip and Masturbation                200 tokens

Amy Pond Doctor Who Cosplay Strip and Masturbation          200 tokens

Sexy Shower                                                                           150 tokens

Superhuman Sexual Showdown      In 3 parts!          100 tokens each OR

with Miss Lollipop Sybian Show recording                   200 tokens for all 3

Risky Masturbating at the Underpass

with Miss Lollipop (HD)                                                             200 tokens

UNLISTED Content is also available!

These are things that have yet to be added to my profile but are available for purchase!

Wax Play and Masturbation Video (HD)                                   300 tokens

Oswin Oswald Doctor Who Cosplay Masturbation (HD)   300 tokens

Harley Quinn Cosplay Masturbation:

Miss Quinn Gets Off (HD)                                                        300 tokens

Licking Nutella From Nipples                                                    150 tokens

Sexy Librarian Masturbation                                                    200 tokens

Casual Kaylee: Masturbation in PJs                                         200 tokens

Masturbating with the Camera Still On! (Voyeur style)             200 tokens

Suction Cup Dildo on Chair                                                      300 tokens

Valentine Video Striptease and Masturbation (HD)                   300 tokens

Roller Girl Masturbation (HD)                                                    300 tokens

The Panty Raid Photoset (HD)                                                 150 tokens

Bathtime Fun (HD)                                                                   300 tokens

Old Apartment (HD)                                                                 300 tokens

Rough Riding (HD)                                                                  300 tokens

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Kaylee I can't get your site to load! I get /to/ it, but when I click the 'buy now' button it looses the connection and won't load the page!
kayleepond kayleepond Said:

Oh that’s so weird, I’ve never heard of that issue before! You should contact MFC support! 


If someone makes you feel happy, tell them. This might happen.


It means a lot to hear things like this. <3

My dear friend Kairos gif’d me reenacting the “Bounce That Dick” music video during my show last night. Here it is for all to enjoy!


What a magnificent blacklight liquid latex show by kayleepond! So intensely sexy and creative! Her talent continues to shine during these very artistic shows. Everyone needs to come and see her for themselves, I cannot do her justice with my words!

Last night’s show was so, so fun and amazing! I definitely have to do black lights and latex together and apart again!

I totally caved in and brought it with me in the shower.

Just bringin’ some Amy Pond realness, from me to you! 


I’ve had an influx in people asking me what Myfreecams is and how you can buy tokens to tip the girls you follow on Tumblr/Twitter that work on Myfreecams.

So here is this step by step guide of how to purchase tokens on Myfreecams!

-Go to myfreecams . com and click “Create a free account” in the upper right hand corner.

-Enter an account name and E-mail address.

-Verify your E-mail address.

-Sign in to your account and click “Purchase tokens” in the same upper right hand corner spot.

-Select how many tokens you want to purchase. If you want to be billed discreetly, select “Epoch”. You will be charged one time only with this purchase.

-After purchasing your tokens you will see them immediately displayed in that same upper right hand corner spot.

-You can then use tokens to tip models that are online or offline. To tip a model that is offline (Like me in this example. *wink wink*), enter their name in the search box and click “Send offline tip” 

-Make sure whether you are tipping a model online or offline, that you read her profile first and let her know what you are tipping for.

Final step:


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