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Come along guys! It’s my 2 year Cammiversary, let’s CELEBRATE! Lot’s of fun and adventure!

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Continuing to look back on all of the different places I’ve ever done shows!

These are all of the EXTRA exciting locations I’ve cammed outside of my house including a few visits to friends’ houses, a hotel bathtub, my car, the Grand Canyon, and my dear Miss Lollipop’s old camroom! 

Still looking back on all of the different places I’ve ever done shows!

These are all of the alternate rooms I’ve cammed in all of the places I’ve lived while camming, in order of and grouped by location!

I’m looking back on all of the places that I’ve ever done cam shows!

These are the three different cam rooms that I’ve had and some different angles we’ve enjoyed in each of them!


AH! It’s kayleepond and Koala Blanket!

I’ve been looking through my old private sessions on MFC & had to share this screen shot from my first with Kaylee! As soon as this one was done, I knew I was hooked! I look forward to every single “private” with her with MUCH anticipation. The get better and better each time.

as far a Koala Blanket goes, we found out quickly that I had the same exact blanket…it was crazy.

Meeeemorieees!!! And I love that blanket, fall is coming so soon it will be time for it to come out again!


One of my favorite things ever? Definitely Doctor Who! Click the picture for the whole Bad Wolf album on imgur!

Speaking of memories! This is the FIRST picture I shared with you guys, how cool!

I wonder how many people realize that when you click on the picture you get taken to a badass album of pictures on Imgur?! ;)

What about when we fell in love with “Dat Lamp Base”?! We had our first Group show with her that day and it was magical!

LampBase_TallFragile stole our hearts that day and of course we still love her and adore those sexy corners!! It’s all about the Base! (And remember how she used to wear hats every day?!)

And remember that time I somehow, MAGICALLY was able to draw Trogdor on my ass almost perfectly?!


I’ve been taking a trip down kayleepond memory lane. So I decided to post some of my older fansigns from her first MFC cam room! I’ll be sharing more later :)

Remember! Kaylee’s 2nd Cammiversary is tomorrow!!! Monday Sept 1st 7pm Eastern on MFC!!!


Remember when I was the Statue of Nerdery?