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I didn’t get a chance to post these from last night, until just now. I had to show everyone how truly fun kayleepond can be! Her Music Video Re-Enactment Show on MFC is always truly a unique experience.

Being able to tip and choose a music video for her to interpret is such fun! I’m usually a big fan of tipping for Beasite Boys songs, since they tend to have VERY creative videos. I also went for songs by the band “Travis” since they also skew towards the creative music videos.

Haha omg these are SO great! Thank you!

Whoa, look!!!

Someone made a thing of me! I love it! <3

(I think the typos are supposed to be on purpose btw.)

PS: Does anyone know who made this?


It’s kayleepond as UniKitty! Or shall I say “UniKaylee”?

Wow! What a fun amazing Lego Movie Cosplay last night with her on MFC. I always think that I’ve seen how truly creative she can be. Then she pulls something completely unexpected and amazing out of her bag of seemingly endless tricks, and ends up blowing me away again!

I don’t think I’ve been this completely giddy and silly during her show before. I’m always smiling while I’m there, but last night I was just a huge ball of silliness.

I of course had to don a “costume” myself (aka changing my MFC name to something that matches her costume). Thanks to some help, I became “GoodHap/BadHap” which lent itself to some extra fun interaction with UniKaylee.

I’m glad you could visit me in Cloud Cuckoo Land where 

"there are no rules: There’s no government, no baby sitters, no bedtimes, no frowny faces, no bushy mustaches, and no negativity of any kind. "

Though I am supportive of bushy mustaches actually! 

Last night was so much fun and it was really great to get to be Princess Unikitty! Thank you for your kind words, support, awesome costume, and this great post with bitchin’ screencaps! 

YAAAAAAAY!! Everything is SO awesome! :D


Tonight kayleepond did a rare show on her bed! She usually cams from her “camroom”, but every once in a while she’ll give us a peek at the rest of her domain. The show on MFC tonight was extremely sensual and full of teases.

 She has the unique ability to be silly and then turn it sensual at the drop of a hat. Her authenticity is something I respect and keeps me returning show after show.

Oh my, thank you! Tonight was seriously such a blast! I definitely need to do more shows from the bed!

The day has arrived, everyone!

My new photoset and video collection, Bound, is finally here and available for purchase!

Photoset (70 HD photos)                            200 tokens

Video (26 minutes, also HD)                      300 tokens

You can purchase these right now by going HERE and tipping the listed amount! Please make sure to specify what you would like in your tip note. You can check out my MFC profile for more info on me, too!

I will not be live on MFC again until Monday but I will be around my computer all weekend to send out copies of these to everyone who purchases them! 


Want to join my site but not sure about joining MFC to get the 95+ vids, 1000s pics, snapchat for 30 days, snap archives and audio files?? Don’t want to use the camsite I work on to do it?

You can now buy a POUND MEMBERSHIP through clips4sale like a regular transaction. 

http://clips4sale.com/46293/10748657 use this link to go to the download! Then follow the instructions on the download to activate your membership.


CLICK THIS LINK to see a sneek peek of the member only area of the forum. See all the VIDS, PICS, AUDIO FILES, SNAPCHAT and more you’ve been missing out on !!! 

Lolli is an amazing person and a Pound Membership is seriously WELL worth every penny you will spend on it! You can join via Clips4Sale now which is pretty badass and I highly suggest everyone visit Lolli when she is live on MFC because her shows are incredible and she is so fantastic to get to hang out with! You can join her Pound via MFC too and if you join while she’s online you’ll get to see her lovely smile when you do it! So many awesome ways to get something fantastic!  

Regardless of whether you’re interested in the Pound or not, everyone should visit Lolli!:)

Feeling snazzy and I thought I’d share!

My newest video, Bound, will be available for everyone to buy starting this weekend! My fan club has been enjoying it quite a bit already and I’m excited to get to share it with you guys, too!

It will be 300 tokens and you can get it from me on MFC starting Saturday. I wont be online that day but if you want to offline tip I can definitely send you the download info on that day! (Make sure to ask for Bound in your tip note!)

The accompanying photoset will be released for the first time on that day and I must say that it might actually be my favorite photoset so far. You can get that starting Saturday for 200 tokens!

Here is a brief description of the video:

We find a woman who has been tightly tied to a chair in an empty room; bound. 

A Hitachi has been tied down between her legs and there is no escape from its incredible power. She is stuck in place and must endure the incredible pleasure rushing through her body.

Watch as she is forced to experience this intensity and driven to marvelous ecstasy.

Not gonna lie guys, I’m excited about this. :D

My new button up shirt has SWANS on it guys. Swans. How cool is that?

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Can I see the lower half of you naked please?
kayleepond kayleepond Said:


You can see me fully naked by:

1. Joining my exclusive fan club for 666 tokens for one month of membership.

2. Visiting me during my live shows on MFC and tipping to get me naked.

3. Purchasing one of my videos! (I recently made a post with all of my content and prices.)

Info for options 1 and 2 are in my FAQ! :D