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Some boobs in my new place! Whoo! Miss you and can’t wait for the first show in the new cam room tomorrow

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Could you include how to become a member of your special blog in your FAQ? Or did I totally miss it?
kayleepond kayleepond Said:

What a wonderful question, thank you so much! 

Done and done!  <—- You can check it out to see how to join Pond’s Companions and other cool FAQ type stuff! 

Here is the original post where I announced it but obviously it is WAY better in my FAQ. I have it on my MFC Profile but sometimes I’m silly and forget I don’t have all the same info here! 

Thank you very much for the really great Ask, I appreciate it a lot. Please let me know if you have any questions!


I’m still a noob at it but here is one for your enjoyment! This gif is from the video that I made for my fan club, Pond’s Companions, for March which will be available to everyone next month!

If you like seeing me move around and things, you should come watch my live shows on MFC! I am moving into a new place tomorrow so tonight will be my last show here! :)


Sailor Mercury night in kayleepond's room!!! I adore “Sailor Moon”so this is a no-brainer for me :D This is only the second time she's done this particular cosplay on MFC. The last time was on Halloween of last year which I missed. So I was even happier that I was able to see it this time around.

I’m always SO impressed with her costumes, they never disappoint!

(I was so into the show that I forgot to get more screen shots!)

Mercuryyyyy Huuuuugs BLAAAAAAAST!!! <3

Thanks TuxedoHap! ^.^

Some fun in the kitchen from last night!

Lime time!

Making Key Lime Cheesecake last night! SO GOOD!

EDIT: Some folks have asked for the recipe so I thought I’d include it! I am eating low carb lately so I’ve been enjoying this website a LOT. It has great low carb recipes!


Here is the recipe to what I made last night!



Huge thanks to my hoopy frood @daffyscribbler for the magnificent accessories!

You’re not all bad! Here’s me in my TMNT panties!

Side Note:Those in my fan club, Pond’s Companions, got even more of these pictures on their Tumblr and lots more that you don’t see! If you’re interested in joining there’s more info in THIS post. :D


Yes, “Music Video Re-Enactment” night in kayleepond's MFC room is extremely fun! She took on my challenge for Sinead O'Connor's “Nothing Compares” and nailed it! (Luckily for me she’s always a good sport)

Always a good excuse for me to gaze into her eyes :D

You are so sweet! I totally need to practice this one, I always smile too much! ;)